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Instructions for Depositing and Withdrawal of Funds

To deposit your account with in-game currency or to withdraw funds on ELOPLAY, you need to choose your personal wallet which becomes available immediately after you register your account. Next, you need to select the desired function, whether deposit account or withdraw elocoins.

Depositing Account

  1.  Payeer Payment System

To deposit your wallet on eloplay.com, you need to choose the Payeer Payment System, which you will use to buy Elocoins (the in-game currency) and indicate the amount of money you want to receive (the minimum deposit amount is 100 Elocoins), and then click the "Deposit Account" button.

Next, you will be redirected to the payment verification page, in this case it is the Payeer Payment System. When all data is checked, press the "Confirm" button.

In the new window of your Payeer Payment System personal account, you need to select an account with the currency which will be debited, and which has enough money for the payment confirmation. After that, you need to press the “Confirm” button at the bottom right to confirm the account from which the payment is done.

After successful payment confirmation, you need to wait for some time and check the crediting of Elocoins (the in-game currency) to your personal wallet on the ELOPLAY website.

  1.  Webmoney Payment System

To buy the in-game currency (Elocoins) using Webmoney Payment System, you need to go to the "Your wallet" section. Then, it is necessary to choose the Webmoney Payment System which will be used for purchasing Elocoins (the in-game currency) and enter the amount which you want to receive (the minimum recharging sum is 100 Elocoins), and then click the "Deposit Account" button.

Then, you will be redirected to the WebMoney Transfer payment verification page, in this case it is the Webmoney Payment System.

On this page you will see the purpose of the payment: "Purchase of the in-game currency. Account eloXXXXXX". In this case, eloXXXXXX is your unique personal account in our system.

Then you need to choose the convenient method of authorization and payment, enter the necessary data and confirm the purchase.

Funds Withdrawal

  1. Payeer Payment System

For withdrawing Elocoins, you need to create an account in the Payeer Payment System and write down the account number in the "Payeer Account" field. It looks like this: Account No. P00000000 in the upper right corner. You must also enter the minimum amount of 500 Elocoins (the in-game currency) for withdrawal of funds. Then click the "Confirm" button. Now you need to wait for Friday which is the withdrawal day for the domestic currency. Important! To withdraw funds, you must have at least 550 Elocoins on your account (50 bonus coins given for registration and e-mail verification are not taken into account when you withdraw funds).

  1. Time Limits for Withdrawal of Elokoins (the In-game Currency)

Since we manually check all the Elocoins withdrawals, the approximate waiting period for payments is about three calendar days. It is due to checking of all proceeds of the in-game currency to the in-game wallet and prevention of fraudulent activities. We care about the safety of our users.

Important! The Elocoins in-game currency is designed for convenient usage in Fast Fights, Duels and Tournaments.