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Compete players on your skill level
Improve your skills and win Elocoins

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  • Powerful anti-cheat and viewing demos finals

    Playing on Eloplay you are reliably protected from cheating

  • Servers with 128 tick rate

    The fastest server for your comfortable game

  • 1 vs 1 and team battles

    Develop your gaming skills independently
    or in a team

Connect Steam account

Start the game with your Steam account in 3 clicks

Play fast fights

Fast fights are played with an occasional opponent of your level - the ideal mode for pumping

Challenge to a duel

Duel 1 vs 1 - the best mode for the game
with friends. Find out who is steeper

Our game modes help you prove your skill level


Get Elocoins for every win
increase your Elo

15 +


For every win

Start quick battle and get 5 battles for 50 .
Every win will give you 15  & Elo rating points
0  + 

Without increase

For every win

You can play just 3 battles for free.
But you won't get no fame or money.

Battles with another players

Place a bet and find out which of you is stronger

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No suitable opponents
Create you own duel

Becoming the best of the best

After all, tournaments are the most exciting
and entertaining competitions in e-sports

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No scheduled tournaments

Choose what you really like

Play your favorite game
to pump your

Fight 1 vs 1 duels and win money from opponents

Participate in tournaments
to win prizes and cash

Unite with others and
fight the clans

Watch tournaments and
stream your battles

Earn money playing against others

There are already thousands of us. Join!

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Getting started is easy!

Win matches
and earn Elocoins

100 Elocoins = $1


Well-known players

Playing right now

Want to stream from us?
Connect your Twitch and start streaming.

Win on Eloplay

Our mission is to allow millions of players
to master the skill of the game and get pro players experience.

Choose what's best for you

20 Elocoins on sign-up
Saving achievements
Tournaments with prizes
Duels on one map
Join clans
Access to player stats
Create clans
Play as Amateur
50 Elocoins on sign-up
Get Elo rating
Tournaments with cash prizes
Duels on any map
Join clans
Access to players' basic stats
Create clans
Play as Master
100 Elocoins on sign-up
Cash prizes
Create your own tournaments
Challenge players to duel
Access detailed statistics of players
Invitations to LAN tournaments [COMING SOON]
Create clans
Play like a Pro

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Affiliate program

Top deals for our affiliates!

Get up to 50% revenue from each gamer you refer to us.

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