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Eloplay Tokensale Refund Instruction

Eloplay Tokensale Refund Instruction


Thank you very much for your participation in the Eloplay token sale.

In our previous blog post, we announced some significant updates. After having read the update, if you would still like to receive a refund, please follow the instructions below:


We will accept refund requests during first five business days following the end of the first round of the Eloplay token sale. The last day to submit your request will be November 22, 2017.


1. Before sending out your tokens, email admin@eloplay.com and we’ll help you to do everything right.


The subject of the email: Eloplay Tokensale Refund Request

Include the following in your email:

Your Ether wallet address with tokens or

Your transaction ID


2. After we have confirmed your original transaction, send all the Eloplay tokens (ELT) from your wallet to EloPlay’s wallet — 0x660cdee72302d2941a43db1275eded7827023baa


3. We’ll send ETH back to your account.




Funds will be send back ONLY to the accounts from which tokens were purchased.

Transactions will be processed on Mondays and Frindays. Please be patient with refund process.


Best regards,

Eloplay team.