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Eloplay Token Sale Update

Eloplay Token Sale Update


Our token sale is coming to an end and while the outcome was not what we expected, the takeaway has nevertheless been extremely positive and has helped us to learn much as a company. 

Initial Conclusions


First and foremost, the Eloplay team has observed real interest in our project at different levels during the token sale. We have received a lot of positive feedback from our community (many thanks!) and have established cooperative relationships with several large and well-respected crypto companies like AdEx Network, Wings, Bancor, and KickICO.


In the past weeks and months, we received an award for the best startup presentation at the Excellence in iGaming conference in Berlin and won invitations to the Summit of iGaming in Malta — and ICE Totally Gaming conference in London as speakers. We are looking forward to developing fresh ideas and making new acquaintances and partnerships at such events.


All of these things inspire us to take Eloplay to even greater heights.


At the same time, the ICO market is currently facing several challenges:

- Competition among ICO projects is fierce;

- Current ICO advertising looks a lot like spam and although we had a significant advertising budget, traditional marketing campaigns just don’t work;

- Bitcoin’s price has increased dramatically, resulting in contributors choosing to buy bitcoin as a safer investment compared to riskier token investments.


Despite the challenges, we have still managed to raise 998 ETH to date, which is encouraging when you consider that we started from scratch, it is a positive turnout and only serves to inspire us to move forward and gather momentum.

Thank You for Your Support


One thing that this whole process has shown us is how much people believe in our project. In addition to growing community support, large companies within the crypto and eSports industries are either already working or want to work with us. They all believe – rightly so – that Eloplay has strong potential.


We want to thank those in the community who have already joined and supported us. We appreciate that so much! Those who believe in us will be soon convinced they are right and will, receive additional bonuses from us.


We understand that the more people learn about us, the stronger we are. And we are 100% on the right track.


Therefore, we have made the decision to continue the token sale, albeit using a new model.

New Token Sale Model


We have decided that the best way to proceed with the project would be to carry out a second stage of the token sale. The current round will be labeled as an early adopters sale.


We have carefully considered and discussed this step and model of project development with our advisors and have received their input and approval. We think that this step is rational and well-considered.


The second stage of tokensale is going to happen the next way:


1. We will create a new smart contract and transfer all funds which were raised during the current sale round after the closing of the current smart contract.


2. All users who have bought our tokens during the current sale phase will receive 80% bonus tokens regardless of the sum.

3. Users who don't want to receive 80% bonus and want to return their funds, will receive them back minus the Ethereum network fee.

4. The re-launch of the campaign will take place in the first quarter of 2018. We will announce the exact dates and updated roadmap not later than December 15th 2017.

5. We will be participating in conferences and looking for new partners interested in purchasing large volumes of tokens. Special incentives will be offered for this purpose.


Eloplay team starts preparing for second stage of the sale today. We plan to expand our participation within the eSports community, hold tournaments, work with opinion leaders in eSports, and work with brands interested in the eSports audience.


We are honest and open to dialogue! We want to develop our project and we are sure that we will make it!

We Continue to Work!


The Eloplay team never stops working. We only gather momentum.


Our next steps are: participation at the iGaming Summit Malta along with visiting Crypto session and pitching the project, forging new collaborations and strategic partnerships with crypto and eSports companies, holding tournaments, working with our community, and attracting new players throughout Europe.


We are sure that our project will grow and develop and thank you for your continued support.


Best regards,

Eloplay team



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