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The Future of Sports: Playing Right on Your Couch

The Future of Sports: Playing Right on Your Couch

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Ask an average American where they prefer to watch football, and they’ll say that stadiums rule, and TV steals all the real-life vibes from you. Maybe that’s because Americans value those vibes very much, and don’t care that much about the sports component of the whole thing. But why eSports are becoming that popular? We’ll try to explain this phenomenon, as well as why services like Twitch are among the most popular streaming platforms.

Twitch was launched in June 2011 by justin.tv for video games streaming. The platform focuses on letsplays and eSports tournaments. It offers convenient interface, prompt support service, and moderation that keeps prohibited content out.

Twitch is so popular that it has struck partnership deals with game developers and streamers. It lacks intrusive ads, and monetization models it offers are transparent and fair.

eSports broadcasts last for days, and services like Twitch make them easier to watch. You aren’t constrained by cable TV rules and schedules, and the only thing you need is fast internet connection. You may root for your team from any place in the world.

Another reason is that gamers want to be like their idols: move and talk like them. Millions of people watch game streaming because of those who play the games. PewDiePie, Thebraindit, Maddyson, the list just goes on and on. Users can talk with them in real time. It’s like touching your favorite Hollywood star. But much more lifelike.

Videogames are sports as well, so people watch broadcasts to boost up their skills. You can see your favorite gamer’s tactics and mimic it later. You play at the same platform, and the skill sets there are the same. It’s as if Michael Jordan played in your backyard.

Vidogames are spectacular, and they retain the competitiveness of classic sports. A Reddit user once compared DoTA to basketball, and found no substantial differences. The real and the virtual are merging. Millennials are getting bored of football or basketball teams, and the interest towards eSports is growing.

Computer games go beyond computer displays, and some TV channels broadcast important eSports tournaments these days. So what’s more interesting to watch: a DoTA international championship, or a Cleveland Browns game?

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