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Eloplay token: 5 factors in favor of ELT

Eloplay token: 5 factors in favor of ELT

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Eloplay ICO started on October 16. We have already received first investments. Each investor gets our token which will be listed at large exchanges further. In this article we will talk about 5 factors in favor of ELT.

Custom Token

Nowadays ICO falls under the influence not only of the investors and traders, but also regulators. Blockchain based startups are not strictly controlled yet but the situation can change in the future. Token stocks, token credits and also some other cryptocurrencies which structure is similar to such financial instruments as futures, options, etc. are under the greatest risk.

User coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. has little or no risk comparing to other tokens. They are used to interact with other platform’s participants, particularly to make transactions. This feature is demonstrated by ELT token. After ICO in line with Eloplay audience growth ELT will be bought by players  who want to participate in a tournament and advertisers who wants to place advertising on the platform.

We are confident that our token will hardly get under restrictions or sanctions of financial regulators.

Ready made product

We already have a platform with 90 000 registered users. After ICO we will be able to considerably increase the number of users due to advertizing campaign. Therefore no matter what funds we will raise, our project will continue to develop and our tokens will appear at the exchanges.

Now EloCoin is used as the accounting unit but in the future all calculations will happen only in ELT.

Estonian jurisdiction

Eloplay platform belongs to the Qooors OÜ company which is registered in Estonia. The government of this state is not only loyal to cryptocurrencies, but also develops blockchain based projects. For example, Estonian LHV Bank is engaged in development of products based on Bitcoin.

The loyalty of the state to cryptocurrencies market positively affects further development of our platform. Loyal conduct of governmental authorities reduces the risk of falling under sanctions and restrictions. Therefore after cryptocurrency market entry users will be able to buy and sell EloPlay token.

Public Team

Our team is not just personal photos on the website. During preparation for ICO we have managed to visit several large conferences and to get acquainted with potential investors personally.

You can learn more about these events in our previous article: "Eloplay on Bitcoin & Blockchain Conference".

Growing market

Esports represent the real sector of economy with huge flow of funds. The days when only children played computer games are far in the past. Now eSports is a part of many adults lives.

Esports disciplines have already gained momentum worldwide and today they are just as popular as traditional sports. Moreover this industry has a huge growth potential. Market conditions indicates that players need such platforms as Eloplay and respectively they need our token.

Hope we have disclosed all main advantages of our token. Please contact us in social networks if you have any questions: